After a small delay by a bad setting on Matthew’s new blog, I was able to post my description of the Louisiana salt dome known as Avery Island, home of Tabasco brand pepper sauce. Matthew’s location had both geologic and culinary importance. I am reminded of my choice of location for WoGE #266 where I chose the crater formed by the Castle Bravo nuclear test on the Bikini Atoll. The common theme here is not only the geologic significance but also the human significance. I wonder if we might be starting a new trend?

For those who are new to this game, the goal is relatively simple – scour the planet in Google Earth looking for the exact location of the provided image. The first person to provide the location (latitude and longitude) and a description of the significant geology is the winner. The prize? The honor of hosting the next WoGE competition. An excellent detail of the game and rules are available on Felix’s blog. Also useful is a KML file of all previous WoGE locations.

Anyway, I now present to you my choice of location for Woge #278. It’s hard for me to judge how hard or easy this one might be. I do not invoke the Schott rule where past winners must wait one hour for each precious win. Even if this one turns out to be easy, it will give past winners a chance to play, win, and post locations they may have be dying to share with the rest of us.

I will be curious to learn what the geologic term and description is for this location. I’m pretty sure I recognize what is going on here, but don’t know the proper terminology.  The area to the upper right of this image is also very curious to me. So perhaps this location has two parts to it?

Posting time is 18:00 March 29, 2011 UTC.

Where on Google Earth #278


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