Although I found the location for WoGE# 393 quite easily (about 30 minutes of searching) and was able to surmise the general geology of the area, I did miss the specific detail that Rob (aka wxwolf) was looking for. Turns out the area was the location about 9500-8000 years ago of the now dry Sveafallen waterfalls that might have rivaled Niagra Falls. Rob gives an excellent description of the the area with links to more information.

Even so, he was gracious to declare me the winner.

First, a quick note – I haven’t played WoGE in a while and I see there are some new players. After deciding to rejoin the fun I find I’ve actually been able to solve several recent WoGE’s but was unable to post my solutions because many of the blogs do not allow some form of anonymous posting. I’d like to suggest those hosting WoGE blogs check their settings and look for settings that will allow more people to play Where on Google Earth. I may not be the only one who does not have any of the ID options usually listed. (I do understand the pain in the arse that spam is)

Many thanks to Felix for forwarding a note to Rob so I could post on his blog.

Now, on to my selected location for Where on Google Earth #394!!!

After checking the list I’m actually a little surprised that after all these years this location has not been chosen before. I’m sure it will be a challenge so I am not invoking the Schott rule. It is zoomed in pretty close, and there are many locations where similar geomorphology exists. Although, there is always the lucky guess or someone who recognizes it on first glance.

I hope this keeps everyone busy for a while. Scouring the Earth is half the fun!!!

Of course, the goal is to find the location and be the first to post lat/lon coordinates (or other uniquely locating description). This being a geology driven game we also need to know what is going on here geologically. The winner has the privilege of the Where on Google Earth. If you are new to this game, Felix has an excellent page detailing the Rules of WoGE.

Good luck!!!


WoGE #394

WoGE #394

posted 03:15 UT Aug 11, 2013

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