I think Felix’s location in WoGE #410 was even easier than he thought it might be, taking me not even five minutes to find the location on the Shipwreck Coast along Australia’s southern coast in Victoria. A popular tourist attraction, Port Campbell National Park is home to numerous limestone formations with whimsical names such as The Twelve Apostles, The London Arch, Loch Ard Gorge, the Gibson Steps, and The Grotto. Perhaps as a message, regarding the Twelve Apostles, one formation sometimes called “Judas” fell down some years ago, and London Arch used to be known as London Bridge until the main part collapsed, stranding a few visitors on the now isolated rock.

I have to admit I think I found it so easily because I once took the time to closely ‘tour’ the Australian Bight coastline in Google Earth. When I saw the image it just screamed “Australia!!!”, a continent which offers many diverse geographies and geologies exposed in all their glory.

Before I move on to my selection for WoGE #411, I’d like to suggest to those participants that host blogs for this game to please consider opening up posting to name/url or anonymous posters. The past few games I would not have been able to post if I had known the locations because I do not have any of the listed ID’s in the drop down menu.

Now for Where on Google Earth number 411!!!

Interestingly, I got the idea for this location while browsing through a decades old issue of National Geographic which included an even closer view of the foreground. I decided to go with a highly oblique view so I could focus on an interesting land form in the near field, yet include part of the greater general area of which it is but a part. I’m hoping this makes it a bit harder to find. But then, someone may recognize it immediately like has happened on occasion.

For newcomers, the goal is to be the first to state the location of this image and tell us something about the geography and/or geology. Felix also has a page which explains the details and rules of the game quite well. No Schott rule in effect.

Good luck!





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