Cristoph had what at first appeared to be  difficult location for WoGE #414. Being a deep zoom on a small town beside a river, my first thought was this would take a while. So, I left it alone as I was busy with other things and thought I’d let someone else have a crack at it.

A couple days later I thought I’d take a quick look at it and quickly realized it was northern hemisphere, and looked very North American, in fact, very United States. So I started browsing river banks. But every time I went back to the image a little bell kept ringing in the back of my mind. Somehow this looked TOO familiar. So I started studying the land forms a bit more – the farms, the canal… wait… where have I seen that canal? AH HA!!! The town of New Madrid, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi River, which was the epicenter of the last of four major shocks that should the American midwest in later 1811 to early 1812.

Seismology is one of my main hobbies and years before I had browsed this very town in Google Earth, being so famous and all.

Something I did not mention in my answer before is that this area is also historical for the Battle of Island Number Ten during the America Civil War. The battle marked a Union victory over a Confederate fort on the river which gave the Union Army free run of the river nearly to Memphis. The battle occurred at the same time as the more famous Battle of Shiloh so is not as well known. It is probably best known for the tactic used by the Union steam boats which powered their way past the fort thus controlling the battle with the fort’s stationary position and therefore not having to slug it out with the riverside fortress, thus initiating a new tactic for dealing with forts. This tactic was also used by David Farragut in the capture of New Orleans three weeks later. Farragut later became the United State’s first admiral.

On to Where on Google Earth number 415!!!

I hemmed and hawed for a while on this one. It seems such an obvious choice for a geology driven game such as WoGE. But reviewing the history of the game, it’s never been chosen. Perhaps it’s TOO obvious? Let that be a possible hint. I hope I chose the view wisely so as to conceal the true nature of what we are seeing.

As always, the goal here is to name the location and describe the geology. The winner gets to host the next WoGE. See complete rules here, hosted by Felix on his blog. I do not invoke the Schott rule.

Good luck!!




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