Ole had a beautiful location for WoGE 423, an extensive karst region in China which highlighted China’s “grand canyon”, the Enshi Grand Canyon. I had immediately suspected China as I recalled seeing similar landforms in previous WoGE searching. However, it took a concerted effort using a gridded search pattern before I found it. I almost missed it as the specific location was outside of my initial search area, but something drew me to go a little further along and voila!! There it was. However, I had trouble identifying the specific feature that Ole was looking for.

It appears to be quite the tourist attraction. Once I knew the name of the place it was easy to find pictures and videos. Looks like a place I’d like to visit. It’s beautiful. It appears to have been part of the inspiration for certain landforms on Pandora it the movie Avatar.

For this next WoGE, I’ve selected a location I’ve had bookmarked for some time. I know nothing about it, so whoever finds it will be helping to educate me about what we may be seeing in this location.

I call it, “Orange”, although it’s also reminiscent of an ice cream we have in The States called a creamcicle.

As always, the goal is to be the first to post the lat/lon and give a description of the geology. Felix has an excellent page on The Rules of WoGE. He also has a KML file of all previous WoGE locations. Thank you Felix for keeping that up to date.

I do not invoke the Schott rule for this one. Good luck!!


WoGE #424

Where on Google Earth #424